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A unified framework, standardized interface, and protocols enable seamless integration within the microelectronics manufacturing supply chain. 

Navigating the path to smart manufacturing can be complex, but Electrotek is your compass. 

We guide you through the intricacies of Industry 4.0, optimizing your equipment and facilities for maximum effectiveness.

More than an industrial  solutions provider.

Empowering client-driven solutions, and our endless enthusiasm for better data makes us tick around the clock. With years of experience under our belts, we believe that better system infrastructure—standardized, efficient communications between equipment and host systems—results in better production performance.

Real-time operational data and unification of the factory is Electrotek’s hidden key to unlocking the optimum yield and fostering a truly connected enterprise.


We’re more than a
traditional software
solutions provider in
Southeast Asia.

Our experienced team of developers and engineers work hand in hand to provide unparalleled levels of support to any automation, communication protocol, production, and technical issues you might face, as you pursue a transition into a smart factory.

We are here to make your equipment (and factory) work better—allowing you to spend less on the production floor, and more on important activities that boost your bottom line.

After all, 

better connectivity matters.


Navigate manufacturing excellence with expertise

Our team at Electrotek consists of highly trained professionals with years of experience. 


We understand our clients’ needs and strive to achieve better yield and enable a connected enterprise. 

With expertise in advanced process control, predictive maintenance, and data optimization, we deliver tailored solutions that maximize production performance. Trust us to guide you towards operational excellence and seamless integration.

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Fostering truly connected enterprise since 2017


Electrotek was established in 2017 as a regional representative of Cimetrix for a connectivity software – CIMConnect


In 2018, we have expanded our offerings to provide local customer support, custom middleware & software application development and training


We expanded our robotics solutions – Telepresence robots, intelligent overhead-rail logistics systems in 2018 and Intelligent sanitization robots in 2020.


Electrotek Thailand was established in 2021 to tap into the large customers base involved in electronics manufacturing for products such as HDD, automotive and consumer products.

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