Legacy Machine Connectivity

Legacy Machines

Legacy machine play a vital role in the production shop floors as many are mission-critical machines. 

Despite the availability of newer machines and equipment, many factories choose to retain their legacy tools due to the sunken cost, additional costs required to replace these legacy machines. The move towards more modern equipment can be costly and time-consuming, outweighing the benefits of replacement with a modern equipment. 

As such, many factories utilise the principal of “if it is not broken, do not replace it” to maximise their return on the high initial investment. 

Legacy VS Modern Machines

Although many factories prefer to continue using their legacy machines, there is a critical disadvantage – the lack of capability to optimise the manufacturing process and enable smart manufacturing.

Connectivity and Interoperability

  • Legacy machines struggle to seamlessly integrate with newer systems in the factory eco-system.
    Without connectivity to computer-systems in the factory, the ability to provide real-time data and insights is limited. 

Lower Task Performance, Reduced Production Efficiency

  • Modern equipment perform better for intricate tasks that requires high levels of precision, accuracy, speed and flexibility 

Quality Control

  • Legacy machines lack integrated quality control mechanisms like the advanced vision systems commonly found in modern equipment for defect detection

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • Legacy machine are harder to troubleshoot and require more frequent maintenance resulting to high maintenance costs and increased downtime 

Don't let legacy machines hold you back.

It’s time to maximise your output, minimise your downtime

Connect legacy machines to digital platforms

SECSGEM for legacy tools

By implementing SECSGEM protocols on your legacy machine, you can bridge the communication gap between legacy machines and contemporary control and monitoring systems, improving the overall equipment performance and adaptability.


  • Seamlessly communication between equipment and host control system
  • Seamlessly connect to modern manufacturing systems
  • Precise control and monitoring of equipment
  • Optimised for advanced automation
  • Enhanced process control
  • Compliant with SEMI standards
  • Real-time Data Exchange 
  • Data Visibility

OPC UA for legacy tools

Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) empowers you to seamlessly link your legacy machinery with modern control systems and data platforms. OPC UA is widely adopted across industries and designed to provide interoperability across a wide range of devices, systems, and platforms. 

  • Interoperable, seamless connection and communication across equipment and systems
  • Support broad range of data types and data sources
  • A future-proof solution
  • Real-time data sharing

Upgrading Legacy Machines for Smart Factories

This solutions allows the preservation of investments in your legacy machines while benefitting from advancements in data exchange and process control. 

Non-PC Machines

Electrotek’s Non-PC Machine Connectivity Solutions empower older PC-based equipment to communicate and collaborate effectively with contemporary systems via non-traditional means.

Electrotek’s Legacy Connectivity Solutions are designed to bridge the technology gap, enabling older manufacturing equipment such as non-PC machines and PLCs to seamlessly integrate into modern industrial settings and implement smart manufacturing. 


For legacy Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Electrotek offers solutions that upgrade these devices with the latest communication hardware and software.

Electrotek’s solutions ensure your equipment can seamlessly exchange data, respond to commands, and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bridge the performance gap

Upgrading is a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing entirely new equipment. It allows you to leverage your existing asset and benefit from the advantages of modern technology

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