One unified smart data platform to run your entire factory


Deployed in Kubernetes, making it scalable, fault tolerant and optimised for cloud computing


Streamline operations to open the doors to real-time insights, predictive analytics, and agile decision-making

Control, Flexibility & Scalability

Grow and adapt operation in a dynamic and efficient manner to stay agile and competitive in the industry

Real-time Visibility & Immediate Insights

Immediate insights of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and respond promptly to anomalies

Flexible & Rapid Deployment

Choose your preferred deployment option –  on-premise, on-cloud or hybrid and deploy it rapidly  within the factory

Remote Monitoring & Control

Remote real-time monitoring and control capabilities to oversee operations from anywhere

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Dashboards - Equipment Level

  • Real-time monitoring of status and performance of each machine, workstations, and production lines
  • Get real-time alerts on fluctuations in mission-critical data

Dashboards - Production Line

  • Increase throughput by optimizing equipment utilisation and reduction of downtime
  • Understand sources of defects and process downtime to achieve cost savings
  • Remote real-time monitoring and control capabilities to oversee operations from anywhere

Interoperable ecosystem with a unified data repository

  • Robust communication layer to unify common industry protocols such as GEM, EDA, OPC UA, etc
  • Aggregate, sort shop floor equipment data and accessible via APIs and Common Services
  • Enable implementation of advanced analytics and optimize manufacturing operations 

Real-Time Visibility and Seamless Integration

  • Capture data that was previously inaccessible and obtain it at an unprecedented level of detail
  • Get synchronized real-time data while maintaining data integrity across various manufacturing solutions
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing manufacturing solutions such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
Smart Connected Factory

A whole new level of control, flexibility, and scalability

  • Create an ecosystem of connected operations within a single event-driven framework
  • Create a customized infrastructure that allows for remote monitoring, access and control
  • Scale your infrastructure without heft investments in factory host and server hardware

Built with Open APIs and trusted by the Industry

Developed by Cimetrix® – a leader in connectivity and control, Sapience transform operations into an agile, data-driven and highly optimised smart factory.  Cimetrix has a long history of successfully delivering solutions in the semiconductor and electronics industry and offers compliance with latest industry standards