Equipment Connectivity

Equipment Connectivity

What is Equipment Connectivity?

Equipment connectivity can be referred to as the ability for various devices, machines, and systems to communicate and share data with each other over networks or the internet. This connectivity is the network of interrelated objects that can collect and exchange data seamlessly. Equipment connectivity is reshaping industries, revolutionizing processes, and fundamentally changing the way we interact with the world around us.

To facilitate seamless data exchange with equipment connectivity, devices must speak a common language. Communication protocols act as the rules and conventions that govern how information is transmitted and received. A common example is SECS GEM which is the semiconductor’s equipment interface protocol and it is tailored for specific purposes.

In the world of automated manufacturing, equipment connectivity allows the factory host to run scripts for different equipment to remote control the process and monitor the progress or status of the equipment itself. Electrotek offers solutions using equipment connectivity to convert data seamlessly between SECS GEM, OPC or OPC UA and other specific equipment protocols.

Proven Connectivity Solutions for Smart Factories

At Electrotek we provide award-winning standards compliant equipment-side connectivity and control software products, services and custom equipment solutions to front-end wafer fab, semiconductor back-end manufacturers and facilities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators across Southeast Asia. 

We offer a compreheisve set of proven and tested equipment connectivity solutions that enables seamless integration of automated equipments with the host’s factory network. The Electrotek team is ready to provide unparalleled levels of support for your projects and advance towards  a smart factory. 

Key Industrial Automation Standards

SEMI SECS/GEM Standards : A group of connectivity standards used to define communication between equipment and the factory’s host (usually MES) to enable higher levels of automation and smart manufacturing through equipment connectivity. Rising adoption rates in Microelectronics, SMT and Photovoltaic industries.

GEM 300 : A group of standards built on top of the SECS/GEM standard for the automation of 300mm wafer manufacturing lines. 

EDA/ Interface A Standards : A collection of SEMI standards meant for high speed and high volumes of data collection. 

SECS GEM Application and Benefits

SECS GEM allows semiconductor manufacturing equipment to communicate with host control systems, enabling control and monitoring of the equipment’s operation through equipment connectivity. Manufacturers can manage the production process and ensuring equipment reliability.

SECS GEM enables real-time data collection from manufacturing equipment. The data include equipment status, events, error messages, and process data etc. These are crucial for process control, quality assurance, and yield improvement.

SECS GEM supports the management of equipment recipes with equipment connectivity. This includes the ability to upload recipes to equipment, download recipes from equipment, ensure recipe compliance, and monitor recipe execution.

GEM 300 Application and Benefits

GEM300 is compliant with the SEMI Standard and is required on almost all 300mm wafer manufacturing tools to implement manufacturing automation. With equipment connectivity, this allows simple integration and interoperability between GEM300 compliant equipment so that equipment from different manufacturers can work seamlessly together.

GEM300 provides the records of equipment data, process data, material data and substrate data. This enables manufacturers to investigate problems that happened during the manufacturing process. Manufacturers can make use of the data to improve operational efficiency and reduce production time.


With equipment connectivity, GEM300 enables the host to control the equipment through a well-defined SECS-II message. The host can create and manage a queue of control jobs and process jobs on the equipment, resulting in a consistent and high-quality production.

Equipment Connectivity for Industrial Communication Procotols

More cost-effective and easier Implement SECS GEM connectivity with ease

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Leverage on award-winning SDKs with comprehensive pre-built tools, libraries and APIs to expedite your equipment interface development and streamline integration efforts. 

Each SDK comprises of SEMI standard compliant libraries, sample applications, testing tools and a GEM Manual template. 

Equipment Connectivity


CIMConnect™ :   Implement GEM Interface and SECS GEM communication standards for automated equipment

GEM 300

CIM300™ :   Implement GEM 300 Connectivity Standards for 300mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing

EDA A (Interface A)

CIMPortal™ Plus :   Implement EDA/Interface A Connectivity Standards on factory software applications and factory equipment to collect high-rate data

Equipment Automation, Equipment Connectivity and Control Applications

Electrotek’s self-developed application allows manufacturers to gain unprecedented control over the automated equipment.  

These applications facilitate the exchange of data and commands, gain granular data insights, enhanced process control and finer control over mission-critical parameters to optimise your smart manufacturing processes. 

Control Applications

GEM Converter Plus :

Trace the lifespan and history of consumables. Error-proof your recipe management and convert the data into GEM information.

Enable automated reworks in your production process.

Host Controller Plus :

Use SECS/GEM to control multiple equipment. Trace upstream and downstream equipment data, achieve granular levels of control and reduce wastage.

Obtain accurate data about lifespan of consumables

Conversion Applications

SR Converter :

Convert data readings to GEM or Modbus

CSV Converter :

Automate data storage and conversion into CSV format for easy access and management of equipment performance records.

Achieve accurate and auditable records from your production floor.

Configuration Applications

EPJ Editor : 

Accelerate interface development through an intuitive and user-friendly GUI.

Easily edit EPJ Extension format files with a few clicks.

Unparalleled Levels of Support for your Automated Equipment

Turnkey Development Project

Benefit from Electrotek’s industry expertise and extensive experience with our equipment connectivity and control turnkey solutions for faster deployment and accelerate your time-to-market.

Leave the development to our team of seasoned professionals who understands the intricacies of your field. At Electrotek we are confident to craft solutions that are not only comprehensive but also optimised for maximum efficiency and performance. 

Industries Served

  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Semiconductor Back-end
  • PCB Assembly
  • Automotive Electronics

Past Cases

SMT Client
Client wanted to achieve SEC/GEM connectivity for seamless integration into their smart factory and requested for additional control features for a dispensing equipment.

Automotive Electronics Client
Client requested for SECS GEM connectivity for equipment and additional integration service to link up equipment-host communication with client’s internally developed Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Bespoke Development

We can provide customised applications that enhance operational efficiency, data management, and equipment connectivity. Our scope of service includes: 

  • Software Applications
  • Connectivity for legacy machines
  • Connectivity for PLCs

Training & Support

At Electrotek, our Training & Support services are designed to be your guiding light through every step of your journey. 

With a seamless sequence of meticulously crafted phases, we ensure that your experience is marked by efficiency, precision, and unmatched assistance.

Product Training

  • CimConnect
  • Cim300
  • Sapience 

Technical Support

  • Installation and configuration
  • Creation of data collection plan

Annual Servicing Contract

  • Troubleshooting
  • Debugging
  • Software updates
  • Service call
  • Warranty servicing

With us by your side, every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every change is a catalyst for growth. Let us know your questions and needs!