Smart Connected Factory for Electronics Industry

At Electrotek we provide award-winning standards compliant connectivity and control software products, services and custom equipment solutions to 200mm and 300mm front-end wafer fab, Semiconductor back-end manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs, system integrators and automation houses across Southeast Asia. 

Take your factory automation to the next level with Electrotek’s industrial automation solutions

Smart Connected Fatctory

Embracing Industry 4.0 like never before

The integration of game-changing technologies, such as IoT, AI, and ML can be difficult.

Our team of engineers are passionate about working with you throughout your high level factory automation journey. 

The Foundation of Smart Manufacturing

 At the heart of this evolution lies equipment connectivity— an indispensable cornerstone that enables manufacturers to access precise, real-time equipment data. 

A solid foundation is required for a smart factory

Data Exchange in a Smart Factory

Data connection & exchange plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of smart manufacturing. 

Electrotek is here to assist you to successfully implement smart manufacturing and achieve a smart factory.

A unified factory is a connected factory

Transform operations into an agile, data-driven and highly optimised smart factory

Equipment Connectivity
  • Create an ecosystem of connected operations
  • Seamless integrations and unification of equipments
  • Granular data-gathering and efficient data exchange
  • Remote command execution at the equipment level
  • Attain real-time data collection
  • Maximize utilization of equipment data on the production shop floor
  • Dynamic real-time performance tracking
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Enable process control on manufacturing shop floor
  • Optimise manufacturing operation
  • Empower data-driven decisions 
  • Facilitate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) integration
  • Realize predictive maintenance

Introducing SAPIENCE®

Cimetrix Sapience® Smart Factory Platform is a distributed platform for managing high-performance data pipelines from electronics equipment.

Ideal for streaming analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications requiring data directly from the production equipment.

Capital Utilization

Increase throughput by optimizing equipment utilisation and reduction of downtime

Reduction of Scrap

Understand sources of defects and process downtime to achieve cost savings

Global Monitor & Control

Remote real-time monitoring and control capabilities empower the organization to oversee operations from anywhere.

Common Use Cases

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Wafer Fabrication

Integrated Device Manufacturer


Assembly and Packaging

Outsourced Semiconductor Asembly and Test

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