SEMI Standards drive smart manufacturing by promoting compatibility, efficiency, safety, and innovation in microelectronics while reducing costs and encouraging innovation globally.

Discover how Electrotek’s products, designed to meet these high standards, can boost your equipment effectiveness.

Electrotek Proprietary Software

Augment the functionality of existing equipment to perform desired function, capture high-value data that was previously unavailable for analysis and optimization of shopfloor operation. Accelerate GTM time and quickly implement communication protocol conversions with cost-effective solutions.


Cimetrix is the premier provider of standards-based equipment automation and communication software.

They are at the forefront of creating and implementing standards that
support complex manufacturing equipment in the world’s most advanced semiconductor and electronics factories for over 30 years.

Blue InCube

Blue Incube is a robotics focused venture builder in Asia with
Ready-For- Market innovation robotics solutions. Through a RoBi-X Partnership with Suitable Technologies, the Beam Telepresence Robot was developed to combine video conferencing with natural mobility, so you can be exactly where you want to be at anytime.

Delta Automation

Delta Automation offers advanced industrial solutions, including PLCs, HMIs, servo systems, and more. 

With robust R&D capability and solid industry experience for more than 20 years. Delta offers industrial automation products and solutions with superior quality, reliability and precision that find application in a broad range of industries, including electronics, components, photoelectric panels and food & beverages. 

Here to make your equipment and factory work better.