Protocol Adapter

Bridge the gaps across multiple operation critical systems with different communication protocols and architecture to allow seamless data exchange. Scale up the capabilities of your equipment by integrating new systems and equipment into existing facility infrastructure. Make improvements to your operations without a costly complete overhaul.

Equipment Connection & Control

Boost the creation of SEMI SECS/GEM and GEM300-compliant equipment control apps. Effortlessly connect equipment with manufacturing systems (MES) and analytics tools via secure communication channels. Swiftly incorporate compliance-friendly real-time data collection and control features to supervise crucial equipment parameters.

Factory Unification

An interoperable platform unifies facility data, systems, and processes for real-time visibility of all production. Timely, seamless interaction between hosts and machines reveals instant insights into individual equipment use and performance. Automated data analysis, visualizations, reporting, equipment modeling, and dashboards help minimize downtime. Predict equipment failures and enhance overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using real-time performance […]

Industrial Automation

Staying competitive globally in manufacturing means embracing robotics and automation. But, smoothly integrating these technologies to boost efficiency and minimize downtime can be challenging. Keep an edge over rivals with live monitoring and enhanced productivity. Elevate your manufacturing operations.