Telepresence Robot

Telepresence Robots

Telepresence Robots

BEAM Telepresence Robots

Established in 2013 by robotic experts in Odense Denmark, Blue Ocean Robotics has successfully partnered with several companies to create and commercialize robots with the end-user in focus.

Developed to combine video conferencing with natural mobility, so you can be exactly where you want to be at any time.


Beam is a semi-automatic robot providing mobility that is operated by a user through his computer, tablet or smartphone and is equipped with a high-end audio and video system.

It also provides view corresponding to the range of a human sight, what contributes to an overall presence-alike experience.

Be anywhere, at anytime

Unlimited Range

Meet with remote clients, monitor overseas manufacturing, or consult with dispersed team members without traveling.

Stay Connected

Connect with the people who matters the most, be it family members, clients or business partners, with a single click.

Leverage Remote Mobility​

Break the boundaries of the conference room and benefit from face-to-face interactions without boundaries.

Communicate & Interact​

High-quality audio and video capabilities ensure that you’ll get your point across, while allowing you to listen and read the room as if you were there.

Tailored Strategies, Seamless Integrations

Embrace Opportunities for Growth and Innovate with Confidence. Guided by Electrotek’s Unwavering Expertise.

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